Rechargeable Electric Vibration Foam Roller

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Help your muscles stretch pre-routine or help it recover quickly after workouts with our Rechargeable Electric Vibration Foam Roller. This professional-grade foam helps relieve muscle stress and promotes muscle recovery after exercises.


  • Rechargeable and Portable: Our Electric Vibration Foam Roller is cordless with a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 10 hours! Easy to carry anywhere you want.
  • Medium Comfortable Hardness: The #1 user complaint about foam rollers is that they are too hard or too soft. That’s why we’ve employed a medium-density foam to fit the widest range of users.
  • Private Massager: Vibration technology specially calibrated for myofascial release to help relieve pain and tightness. Perfect for pre-workout stretching or post-workout recovery. Improves mobility, agility, and flexibility.