Sit-Up Assistant Home Device

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  • This Sit-Up Assistant Home Device is perfect to work on abdominal exercises from the comfort of your own home. The suction cap is solid as anything and will allow for maximum pressure when performing sit-ups or other exercises. 
    The device is mainly composed of three parts, The main body is cold-rolled steel with high strength, high hardness, and bright surface. the second part is high-density elastic foam can better protect your instep from pain. The most important bottom is a 14.8cm large suction rubber chassis with strong suction and stability.
  • Adopt Healthy natural material, thickened silicone sucker. Sucker diameter 8.7cm and has strong suction, more secure and stable.
  • The Sit-Up Assistant Home Device is very easy for home installation without needing any tools, it with a 13cm bottom sucker, only to find dry and clean flat ground, then put down the sit-up bar on the ground, pull down the lock. Lastly, adjust the gear position.
  • Four gears can be adjusted, the whole family can use the fitness equipment, only need to adjust the gear position.